I’m Resolute

Why do we assume that one magical night can cause a change in ourselves? Do we believe that it takes that special calendar date to truly change? Or do we believe change is beyond our own will power? After these many years, I do believe it takes more than my will to change.  I’ve done enough trying on my own to change with little success. Mind you, there have been successes. But they have happened with great determination, coupled with accountability.

So it is with trepidation that I send out this new “resolution”. And I only do so because suddenly I am faced with the undenyable fact that I need exercise. The My New Food Pyramid website tells me I am overweight for my height. But my eating habits line up with what I should be consuming. Ugh! It’s the harsh fact that if I have any hopes of climbing Flat Top again this summer, I have to get in better shape.

So there it is. That dreaded “e” word. I hate that word! I’ll let you know how I resolve this issue as soon as I figure it out myself.


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