My name’s Beth, and I’m a knit-aholic. My daughter, lovely daughter, tells everyone she meets that I knit 24/7. That’s impossible because I’m typing right now and I do have to eat and sleep some. But she is pretty close to correct. Every free moment is spent knitting, listening to knitting podcasts, checking out knitting websites and blogs, etc. Unfortunately, I make no money with my knitting obsession and do spend a enormous amount of cash on it.

Bagknits is my Ravelry name. Ravelry is a social network for knitters, crocheters, and spinners (those are not bicyclists). Yes there is one out there just for us who love the feel of yarn.

I keep begging my husband for a sheep, goat or bunny. We live on a farm after all. But he won’t give in – too many years of feeding hogs when it’s either 10 degrees or 95 degrees. (It’s either one or the other where we live. 70 degrees doesn’t seem to exist.) I tried the “you won’t have to mow the grass” excuse. He just responded, “I don’t. I pay someone to do it.” I’d appreciate any ideas on how to change his mind.

So back to knitting. I’ve linked  in my blogroll to my favorite podcasters blog. Check her out if you love knitting. You’ll fall in love with her silly theme song. The line in the song about knitting at stoplights is me. I’ve actually done that. The honking tells you the light is green.

I’ve knitted hats, mittens, felted bags, scarves, dishclothes, and so much more. Right now I am working on my first apparel piece. It’s the tank top from Erika Knight’s book, “Classic Knits,” done in a 100% wool, super bulky weight blue yarn from Burly Spun. I like the title tank top better than vest, don’t you? The back is done. I’ve just started the front. My only fear is that it may be short. I’m long-waisted. I’m refusing to let that fear take residence.

I’m also working on a Loop Shawl design by Leah Bear from the book Sensual Knits. I’m using a 100% Baby Alpaca from Knit Picks. When I visited my brother in Alaska this summer, I found out he is allergic to alpaca. I’m hoping I’m not either, but my eyes do water some when I work on it. It’s psychological, right?

I just finished some pink socks with the breast cancer logo cabled into them for my local yarn shop, “River Wools”. They gave me the yarn and pattern. I knit the socks and gave them back. I think the socks will be sold at the local Race for the Cure and the money donated to breast cancer. They were the biggest socks you’ve every seen. I made them off the largest size. (I didn’t want to waste their yarn!) I think I’m going to have to secretly pay a friend money to buy them because I’m not sure there are feet that big. Oops!

I also just made baby hats and mitts for my two cousins who are having babies in October.  I used Dream in Color yarn for both. I’m in love with the cream with bits of pink and brown in it’s colorway. It’s called Petal Shower, I think.

So once again. I’m Beth and I’m a knit-aholic. I can’t stop knittng and I don’t want to either. Don’t send an intervention my way. I’ve got needles and I’m not afraid to use them.


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  1. Jody said,

    September 25, 2009 at 2:28 am

    So glad I finally found out about your blog. Love to read what you write, and you describe your knitting passion so beautifully, it makes me consider learning. Which is clearly insane, because I have not the time or patience. I’ll knit vicariously through you, Beth.

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