Two Hats

So you now know I love to knit. Most of my knitting either goes away as a gift or away as “what in the world was that disaster!”

Let me tell you the story of two hats….

I had this overwhelming desire to make two hats, two very different hats for two very different women, both suffering from the same illness, brain cancer.

The first hat was for my friend, Rachel. She is in the very last stage of life. Her hat is pink with breast cancer ribbons all around it. Rachel is a beautiful woman of 36. She made such a huge impact in my life. I’ve known her for seven or so years. Cancer has been a part of her life that entire time. Rachel has the most devious laugh, eyes that sparkle with mischievousness and a deeper trust in God than I will probably ever know. She’s a girly, girl who loves all the pink. She was very involved in the local breast cancer walk, in fact they retired her bib last Saturday. No one in Vigo County will ever wear her number. Rachel has perfect, red hair. I envy her hair. She picked it out herself and it tells you exactly who she is on the inside, fire and guts. Rachel’s always been a fighter, but this fight has gotten the best of her.

The other hat is made out of a Lorna’s Lace yarn in brown, orange, yellow and red. It’s for Lynette, my sister-in-law’s sister. I’ve known Lynette since I was a little girl. She just found out she has brain cancer and is fighting it with every ounce of her strength. Go Lynette! She took radiation yesterday and is on a trip today. Lynette is an outdoors woman. She does landscaping for a living. At the end of the day if you look at her hands you will see wrinkles filled with dirt, stained from pulling weeds and you’ll notice sweat dripping running down her forehead.

I love them both. So…

A pretty pink cotton hat for Rachel. A rugged fall wool hat for Lynette.


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