A Birthday Weekend Away

Jeff and I got to go away for my birthday last week. We attended the annual Indiana State Farm Bureau Convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne is quite a nice city. I was impressed. The best thing about Fort Wayne was that the LYS (local yarn shop) was within walking distance of the convention center and attached hotel where we were staying. (And a Starbucks was in between the two locations.) It was as if I had died and gone to heaven. Yarn, coffee, hotel, catered dinner, and a concert with the symphony.

A policeman stopped traffic so that I could cross the street for the concert! Well, actually it was that hundreds of people were trying to cross the street to attend the concert too. It wasn’t just for me, but I do like to pretend.

I would recommend the Fort Wayne PhilHarmonic Orchestra. But then I’m listening to YoYo Ma while writing this blog. The cello must be the most beautiful instrument created. And who isn’t amazed by twelve violin’s bow strokes all in a perfect unison?

I would also suggest you visit the Knitting Off Broadway Yarn Shop if you are ever in Fort Wayne. It recently moved to a new location in a beautiful old home. Honesly, the woodwork floors are really the only thing that caught my eye because I was too busy smelling wool. I bought my birthday and Christmas gift while there. They have Spud and Chloe yarn! I couldn’t resist. I now have the pattern and required yarn for making the Trifecta Scarf. Yeah!

All in all, it was a superb birthday. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


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