Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is my middle daughter, Kelsey’s, birthday. She is 14 today! I must have married an old man to have a daughter that mature.

I especially love her right now because she told me I don’t look my age. She thought I was six years younger! That’s right, I am young. I had her when I was six.

But really, I’m asking what happened to my baby? She was my little red-headed, bubbly ball of joy. She’s still our family’s ball of joy, but the red hair turned blond. Now she’s my blond, blue-eyed beauty.

And she’s the life of the party. She makes us laugh, everyone of us. Kelsey is a natural comedian. I’m surprised we haven’t been kicked out of restaurants for laughing too loudly.

She’s a girly girl disguised as an athlete. Once upon a time, she only wore cute little dresses and played with little fairies. Now she won’t admit that. But she still spends an enormous amount to time on makeup, perfume and clothes, only to pull her hair up in a ponytail and run up and down a basketball court.

Last week she got her birthday present. Her basketball team won the county championship! Her picture was in the paper the next day. So today on her actual birthday, she’s getting a manicure. Her dad commented that she’ll just mess it all up at softball practice Saturday and Sunday.

She doesn’t care. She wants to look like a girl for a day or two.  But it made her smile when her teacher told the boy next to her, to be “very scared” if he every had to defend himself against her in a battle of strength.

We women want to be treated as equals and cherished as beauties all at the same time. And it’s the truth. We are smart, strong, wise, beautiful, emotional, fragile. I think that’s a good thing. I don’t want to be “equal” to a man. And I don’t want Kelsey to feel the need to deny her feminine side. We are different than men and that’s a very, very good thing!

So on Kelsey’s 14th birthday she’s receiving a manicure and a book about Frank Lloyd Wright architecture so she can look like a girl, yet dream about a future.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!


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